She was born in Athens. She lives and works among Greece and Holland. She studied Political Sciences in Thessaloniki, “Marketing and Business Administration” in Bremen- Germany and “Marketing and Communication” in Athens. Since 2009 she focused actively on arts since her main means of expression is sculpture. The material she uses in her art is steel. Her artistic style is easily recognized due to the specific aesthetic outcome of the volumes she creates by processing metal as if it were a lace. Using techniques such as oxyacetylene welding and electric welding, as well as materials with natural limitations and endurance which need harsh treatment, she shapes themes of personal interests based in science and philosophy. The attribution of her artwork is geometric. The visual outcome is forms governed by a harmony that is rooted in pure mathematics. She has 14 solo exhibitions in Greece and abroad and has participated in over 40 group exhibitions. She also works as a curator, having curated exhibitions and art projects, working with established artists from Greece and Holland. She is the Operations and Development Director of “Orange Water” Contemporary Art Festival, an official project running in Holland and in Greece with exhibitions of the most important contemporary Dutch and Greek artist. She is the Art Director of “The Loft”, turning an old fabric factory located in the heart of Athens, to an urban -industrial art space, where hosted artists have the ability to work on large scale artworks.