From June 4 till September 30, Santorini Arts Factory (SAF) presents Kelly’s solo sculpting exhibition entitled “High Frequency Vibration”. In this exhibition the artist presents for the first time in public the new collection entitled "Enthalpy" which consists of 12 sculptures and some works by earlier themes that the sculptor has dealt with. The 18 works on display are put together to create a harmonious atmosphere. In her new collection, the artist deals with the issue of energy vibrations that she observes in the material and immaterial structures. Apart from any theological approach and with the axiomatic assumption of the Energy Conservation Principle-that the algebraic sum of all forms of energy present in a system remains stable over time, the sculptor examines the energy content of the volumes created through the relationship of Substance - Non Substance. Metal sculptures of steel - the material that the creator shapes for her study- as thermodynamic systems, have- "Enthalpy" - to displace their environment and take over the position they are in. The structure vibrates at a specific frequency and correspondingly affects the space around it. In this new collection, the sculptor moves from the familiar stylistic style of strict geometric shapes and sharp corners to pear shaped constructions, waves and spirals. The forms are abstract and conventional representation is absent. With her sculptures, Kelly places man as a system at the core of his environment and leaves the viewer wondering about his personal vibration frequency.

From June 28 till July 28, Athens Megaron Concert Hall hosts the group exhibition “Ancient Suppliant- Contemporary Refugee”. At this exhibition which is within the global philosophical conference “The Philosophy of Aristotle”, Kelly presents the 25 square meters sculpture installation from steel that she created for this purpose, entitled “Entelechy”.

This summer, Kelly participates in two exhibitions of Holland Tunnel Gallery in Paros Island. “Morphogenesis” and “Metropolis” are the titles of the exhibitions to be presented in August.

For 2016 “Orange Water Contemporary Art Festival” will run from June 4 till September 30. There will be 10 exhibitions presenting the most important contemporary Greek and Dutch artists in Athens, Patra, Korinthos, Santorini Island, Paros Island and Crete Island.

“ORANGE WATER”, the Contemporary Art Festival organized by Apostolis Zolotakis and Kelly Athanasiadou, starts on the 15th July. This year, 50 established Greek and Dutch artists participate in the exhibitions that take place in 10 cultural places of Greece. For more info visit

On Sunday 31 May, is the opening of the “TRINITY” Art Exhibition of Apostolis Zolotakis, Kelly Athanasiadou and Lulwah al Homoud. Curator Dr. Dora Rogan.

From October 2014, the sculptor Kelly Athanasiadou, as the Art Director of “The Loft” art space, presents the Art Platform “The ArtLoft”. Nine art exhibitions will be presented till mid July at the most contemporary urban- industrial space down town Athens in collaboration with the Art Academies of the country and under the Auspices of the Municipality of Athens. “The Loft”, Kapnikareas 3 str.

From the 12 of July till th 17nth of August, Kelly Athanasiadou presents with Apostolis Zolotakis the Art Exhibition "From Abstract Expressionism to Emotional Rationalism" at the Mediterranean Center of Architecture, at Chania- Crete. The official opening of the exhibition will be made by the Dutch Ambassador in Greece Mr. Jan Versteeg on Thurday 24 July at 20:30. Visiting Hours: Mo-Sun 11:00-13:00 & 19:00-23:00

At 17 of July the Exhibition "Adding to Abstraction" will be officialy open at Chania Sailing Club. A Greek-Dutch project within the CHANIaRT 2014 Festival. Kelly Athanasiadou presents a large scale metalic installation of 12 meters which will be hanging above the viewers.

On Saturday 18th January, the sculptor Kelly Athanasiadou will be at the opening of her solo exhibition “Alice in Wonderland” at the Portiesloge Gallery in Groningen, Netherland. The artist talk will start at 19:00.

On Friday 15th November 2013 Kelly Athanasiadou presents her new collection of metal sculptures at the “Goulandri Natural History Museum”, invited by “The Business Review” magazine.

For the CHANIAart 2013, the sculptor Kelly Athanasiadou exhibits her work at the following exhibitions:
"When Cinderella met Dr.Freud",
   Loupakis Winery
"On-Reading", Orthodox Academy of Crete
• "Crucify", Public Library of Palaia
• "The Silence of the Arms",
   Lefkoritis Art Gallery
• "Narcissus' Gaze", Rosewood Gallery
• "Mosaics", Archeological Museum of
   and curates the group exhibition
• "Discreet Absence" at Poly-Texnio

"From the 22nd of June until the end of August, Kelly Athanasiadou, exhibits her work in the group exhibition "3 Visual Artists at Porto Paros Hotel" with Apostolis Zolotakis and Jun Mulder, Paros Island

On Friday 23rd November 2012 the scultpor Kelly Athanasiadou is invited by the magazine Business Review within the Sales Commitee at the Goulandri Natural History Museum in one more exhibition of selective works.

Art Exhibitions – μagaze
18 October 2012- 18 July 2013
With a spirit of creative joy and a large amount of reserve of hope, all the participants in this year’s exhibition agenda of Magaze, face their era and position themselves in these hard times through their art. All of them from their own standpoint and through their personal means of expression, expose and get exposed in an agenda which altogether aspires to reset the artistic action on a meaningful level, without the postmodern emptiness.(Κ.Α)

On Monday 10th September 2012 at 9pm the sixth personal exhibition of the sculptor Kelly Athanasiadou, entitled Ongoing Display Volume 2, will be inaugurated at Kanji bar. Six metallic wall sculptures of medium and large scale are presented in Kanji in an exhibitions aiming at development of works on large surfaces.

After the finishing of the exhibition at the “Apothiki Art Center”, the “Pythagorean Tetraktys” collection will remain in Paros Island and will be exhibited at “Porto Paros” hotel until the 15th of September.

On Friday 15 June 2012, at 20:30 the sculptor Kelly Athanasiadou presents in Zappeion Megaron her latest collection inspired by the Pythagorean Tetractys.

Tetractys comprised the essence of the Pythagorean teaching.
A shape which consists of ten spots arranged in a triangular prototype. Connecting the spots in different ways many triangular and rectangular shapes arise.
Apart from the practical and scientific applications, the renowned Pythagorean Tetractys is a philosophical and theosophical structure, in the realm of logic and transcendental with multi-dimensional interpretations and symbolisms which, when decodified by keen experts, reveal cosmic, biological, moral qualities and knowledge.
The sculptor uses steel as her basic material of expression in a flashback to ancient geometric structure. The aim is the promotion of harmony in the way it is implemented in the Pythagorean system. In the viewer's visual focus there are the austere proportions of volumes.

The collection will be presented in Athens on 15, 16 and 17 June and it will be accommodated at "APOTHIKI GALLERY" in Paros island, for the period 30 July- 10 August.

A group exhibition of 9 artists is organized as part of ongoing visual actions of Digital Film Festival (Athens25 May-3 June). "Digital Reality", is an art installation in relation to a rapidly growing digital culture that affects all spheres of human activity. The artists will present their work at 5 sites in the city center.
Participating Artists:

Kelly Athanasiadou
George Andreadakis
Joann Vrettou
Nick Gyftakis
Teo Daskalakis
Vasiliki Kappa
Alex Perri
Dimitris Chalkiadakis
Christoph Kern

Curator : Kelly Athanasiadou

On Wednesday 19th October 2011 at 9pm the exhibition IronProfiles will be inaugurated at Kanji bar. The sculptor Kelly Athanasiadou Chioti, the architect Dafni Papaioannou and the graphic designer John Georgiadis will present their approaches regarding the stiff aspect of the contemporary urban way of living and the “rigidness” of the urban environment. The exhibition will last until 30th November.

The seminar Metal Welding – Artistic Applications will commence on Tuesday 11th October 2011 at the multiplex Parapera and it will last 10 weeks.
The courses will take place every Tuesday 20:00-22:00 and will last until Tuesday 13th December 2011.
The seminar appeals mainly to artists and anyone interested in acquiring basic knowledge in the files of welding with practical applications.
The participants will have the chance to create their first mini metal sculptures, exploiting the skills they will acquire in the methods of oxyacetylene welding and electric welding.
At the end of the seminar, an exhibition with the works of the team will be organised.
Instructor: Kelly Athanasiadou

Kelly is participating in the group exhibition "Art and Tango" which is taking place
on 5-13 August at Costanavarino Resort Hotel in Pylos.
This exhibition is part of the tango competition event “Tango Acropolis” which took place for the 1st time in Athens on June 2011.
The event as well as the exhibition was under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture of Argentina and Greece as well as the Mayor of the city of Athens and the Embassy of Argentina.
Twenty four artists, are expressing their ideas about a dance and the culture around it, that expresses the passion, the love and the hidden desires of the dancers. Mrs. Liana Scourles (Art LS) has organized and curated the exhibition and event.

Kelly will take part in the group exhibition "Art and Tango" which will be opening on July 27 at Santa Marina Resort Hotel in Mykonos.
This exhibition is part of the tango competition event “Tango Acropolis” which took place for the 1st time in Athens on June 2011.
The event as well as the exhibition was under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture of Argentina and Greece as well as the Mayor of the city of Athens and the Embassy of Argentina.
Twenty four artists, are expressing their ideas about a dance and the culture around it, that expresses the passion, the love and the hidden desires of the dancers. Mrs. Liana Scourles (Art LS) has organized and curated the exhibition and event.

As of Wednesday 18th May 2011, Kelly  starts with the exhibition of her works in Kanji bar as part of the “Ongoing Display” project which is already successfully presented in Hoxton bar .The artist shapes steel in 3-dimensional metal constructions with concrete structure with discreet style elements and an abtract way.   Kanji, 5 Sofokleous st, Athens

The project “Ongoing Display”, which has been on display at Hoxton bar since Wednesday, March 16, is extended until Wednesday, June 21. Kelly will present two artworks from her collection.
Hoxton, 42 Voutadon st, Gazi

Kelly will take part in the arts exhibition “I LOVE TANGO” which will inaugurate on Thursday, June 2 in Zappeion Megaron and will be part of the European tango competition which is organised for the first time in Athens.   02-05 June 2011
Curator Liana Scourles

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